ORDI Price Surges to $15 After OKX Announced ORDI Listing 

  • The Ordinals deposit was scheduled to open on May 20, at 7.00 am UST.
  • The announcement has resulted in the hike of ORDI price.

Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange, OKX, recently announced that the company has scheduled to open the Ordinals deposits on May 20, 2023, at 7.00 am UTC. The platform added that it would list the ORDI/USD spot trading when the Ordinals deposits meet OKX’s requirements.

On May 16, OKX launched Ordinals Marketplace, marking it to be the first multichain wallet to support BRC-20 trading. The introduction of the marketplace has been an outcome of the increasingly growing BRC-20 tokens, especially the novel memecoin Pepe.

The platform shared a Twitter thread celebrating the launch of the Ordinals Marketplace, announcing:

Introducing Ordinals Marketplace on okxweb3, where you can mint and trade Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Be at the forefront of innovation with the first multichain wallet supporting Lightning for faster Bitcoin transactions.

Today, the platform proclaimed the company’s enthusiasm for the listing of ORDI on its spot trading markets. OKX further briefed that though the total amount of Bitcoins is 21 million, each BTC could be divided into the smallest units called the satoshi. Thus the total amount of available satoshi would be 2100 trillion.

OKX explained the inscription or the content written using the Ordinal protocol, on the satoshi. The platform narrated that the information would be inscribed in the form of NFTs and tokens, due to the limited size of satoshi.

Wu Blockchain, the official Twitter page of the Chinese reported Collin Wu, commented on the significant surge in the price of ORDI, following OKX’s announcement:

Collin Wu stated that the value of the first BRC-20 asset rose by “more than 24% in 1 hour”, adding that the price has reached around $15, with a market value of $310 million. At the press time, ORDI stands at a price of $15.22 with a 24-hour trading volume of $51,177,220 and a market cap of $324,487,207.

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