PlanB Questions the Motive Behind Elon Musk’s New Twitter Rule

  • From April 15, only verified Twitter accounts will be eligible to be in “For You” recommendations.
  • The upcoming Twitter regulation could imply a huge security risk for users.

The anonymous Twitter character with pseudo identity PlanB has expressed concern over the proposed new rule by the social platform’s CEO Elon Musk. PlanB, who tweeted in response to Musk’s new proposal, questioned the justification of the CEO’s stated reason for initiating the new condition.

In an earlier tweet, Musk told the Twitter audience that starting from April 15, 2023, only verified accounts on the platform will be eligible to be in “For You” recommendations. According to Musk, the reason for the new setting is to address the issue of advanced AI bots that may take over operations on the network.

Musk described the current situation with the bots’ invasion as a “hopeless losing battle”. He also noted that, for the same reason, Twitter users would have to be verified before they can vote in polls.

Considering the proposed new rule, PlanB expressed fears over what would become of anonymous Twitter accounts like his. He complained that the implication of the new regulation could lead to losing his account, which currently has over 1.8 million followers. According to him, the upcoming adjustment is more about control and not necessarily about fighting bot swarms.

To push his argument, PlanB asked why payment on Twitter was not done with an anonymous payment option like Bitcoin. He warned that the upcoming Twitter setting could imply a huge security risk for users, as the personal information of users will be at risk of being hacked.

Some other Twitter users responding to PlanB’s tweet aligned with his opinion, suggesting that in addition to having control, the new rule is motivated by revenue generation. Others called on Musk to address the concerns raised by PlanB, noting that losing anonymous accounts could be costly for the social platform, considering the traffic they command due to their ability to speak truth to power.

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