Profi Group Leaders Vladko Romanyshyn and Andrzej Frankowsky On AI and Trading

Andrzej Frankowsky has a background in the banking and technology sectors and has a strong finance experience. With his enthusiasm for technology, Andrzej aims to improve accessibility in the financial industry.

Combined with the skills of Vladko Romanyshyn who studies AI and how it can be used to automate trading processes, analysis and error reduction, the leadership plans to revolutionize the AI Trading space.

Q: What do you think about artificial intelligence and other developments related to the AI space?

Vladko Romanyshyn: For the last six months, an information bomb has raged on the Internet: AI is a sensation. People are studying this technology and trying to apply it to all areas of life. But for the average user AI at the moment is nothing more than sending an email or text translation with an explanation and a 3D cyberpunk style avatar in the social network. However, we’ve already seen designers revolt against the “artist without a soul” and write a college degree in 15 minutes.

Andrzej Frankowsky: Artificial Intelligence can learn — its most important feature — combined with its ever-increasing computing power. Based on data and history, the level of quality of proposed answers and decision making on the part of AI is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is unsurprising that most large companies are now investing in developing innovations in this sector. For example, AI as a train traffic controller has long been an enabler, it’s smart and good for society.

Q: What are you guys working on at the moment?

Andrzej Frankowsky: We are building an ecosystem that challenges typical trading with its risks. Trading takes many human resources, requiring experience and a stable psyche. You need to constantly monitor the market, analyze it, and often traders sit in front of the monitor all day and only sometimes make deals. In this case, there is the human factor, but what if it is removed? Suppose that AI trades for you, takes care of all the analysis, and makes decisions. Efficient and profitable decisions.

Q: Will it be a human-ready interface or a browser extension?

Vladko Romanyshyn: We are already testing our second version of AI with a group of like-minded people and on the whole, we see positive dynamics. There is a stable profit from trades.

Andrzej Frankowsky: Yes, as I said before, AI is learning, and we see more specific behavior every day. I want to look into the future and enjoy fully automated processes. This is where it’s all headed.

Q: Is the AI geared toward stock exchange trading, or are you also working on cryptocurrency?

Andrzej Frankowsky: Initially, it was only an analysis of the stock exchange, with traders and journalists setting up the process. We studied information sources, news impact, and politicians’ behavior on prices inside the exchange. Recently we also connected the crypto market to the analysis. There are pleasant results.

Q: What average yield can we talk about?

Andrzej Frankowsky: If we talk about an average, about 70-80% yearly. It’s not the percentage many young projects expect when they participate in IDO, but it is very stable. Again, with each quarter, AI feels more confident and the dynamics will improve.

Q: Do you think this buzz around AI will go away as interest in NFT begins to fade?

Andrzej Frankowsky: I’m sure it won’t because AI replaces common areas of human life, it’s a beneficial technology. NFTs are useless for the wider society and can easily be dispensed with.

Vladko Romanyshyn: NFT is a promising technology, but half a million dollars a picture is just hype. The most significant funds are invested in startups that are developing AI. This utopian technology will probably optimize and routine structure processes within society and unleash many people’s creativity. Have you heard the music from AI, with the generated vocals from Freddie Mercury?

Q: How do you think the market for the influence of AI will be divided because we are constantly hearing about new projects? Won’t the competition in the industry stifle the technology?

Andrzej Frankowsky: On the contrary, it will stimulate the development of AI. If one or two companies created their technologies, they would be expensive and probably different from the same quality. Now we see a lot of free or cheap solutions, and the quality is noticeably growing.

Vladko Romanyshyn: As the industry evolves, I expect more collaboration and partnerships between different projects to help drive growth and adoption. I believe that AI will make people’s lives easier, not in words, but in deeds.

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