Regolith Unveils Exclusive Investment Opportunity in DexCoyote

  • DexCoyote has issued 90,000 tokenized shares for sale at $1 per share.
  • Sales will commence on May 17 as part of the live trading.

Regolith, a leading investment platform, has recently announced an exclusive opportunity for its verified users to invest in Lama Group Inc.’s DexCoyote. This means that only verified users of will be able to invest in this asset.

DexCoyote shared on its Twitter page the sale of a 9% stake in the company through Regolith. With a total valuation of $1,000,000, DexCoyote has issued 90,000 tokenized shares for sale at $1 per share. The founder and CEO, Kirill Sagitov, aims to attract new investors to the product through this offering.

Investors can submit applications for participation in this exclusive opportunity as early as the afternoon of May 11, with sales commencing on May 17. The sales will be part of live trading, where only the fastest and most active participants can invest.

The first investment, amounting to $60,000, will be available without any restrictions. The remaining 30,000 shares can be purchased with a maximum limit of 1,000 shares per verified account on the system.

DexCoyote’s ecosystem of decentralized tools is designed to make it easy for anyone to create their own crypto project, regardless of their budget or programming knowledge. This unique selling proposition is in line with the company’s plans to create an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem that will increase user coverage. Correspondingly, the company seeks to expand further by offering investment opportunities through Regolith.

Regolith is a well-known investment platform that offers its users the chance to invest in a wide range of assets. This exciting news has stirred up the investment world and caught the attention of both seasoned and amateur investors alike.

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