‘Relist XRP on Coinbase’ Trends Again as Legal Officers Hangout

  • Paul Grewal was seen suggesting for more meetings with Stuart Alderoty.
  • Grewal and Alderoty were pictured in a warm friendly posture during the meeting.

Crypto users suspect Coinbase may relist XRP after seeing Ripple Chief Legal Officer (CLO), Stuart Alderoty, hanging out with Coinbase CLO Paul Grewal. In a tweet, Grewal thanked Alderoty for having him over and suggested they have more such meetings in the future.

Grewal’s tweet, which pictured both CLOs in a close friendly gesture, has increased the energy behind the crypto community’s suspicion that Coinbase may soon relist XRP.

While details of their meeting remain unknown, the crypto community is aware of the common adversary between both establishments. Ripple has been in a lengthy legal battle with the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the regulator accused it of selling XRP in an unregistered security offering. Coinbase, on the other hand, is seeking the SEC to provide clear rules and proper classification for cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, delisted XRP in 2021, citing the SEC’s enforcement action against Ripple Labs as the main reason. However, the campaign to relist the token resurfaced last month following a Twitter post by John E. Deaton, the XRP community attorney.

In a Twitter thread, Deaton outlined why the definitions of “investment” and a “contract” are fundamental to how the district would rule over the pending legal issue. Grewal responded to Deaton’s explanation, causing the hashtag “Relist XRP” to trend again on Twitter.

Grewal’s recent body language suggests improving cordiality between Coinbase and Ripple. He has severally expressed support for Ripple’s legal opinion in recent weeks. His establishment, Coinbase, has also recently filed an amicus brief in support of Ripple. Despite the growing romance between both establishments, the call for relisting XRP remains unanswered.

The recent meeting by both CLOs has once again raised users’ hopes, especially those of XRP holders in the US. However, some respondents expressed wariness over the lingering issue, noting that speculations and insinuations make them anxious as the cycle seems endless.

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