Repayment For Mt. Gox Creditors Nears As Registration Period Ends

  • This brings the stranded creditors one step closer to getting their funds back from the defunct platform.
  • All creditors are expected to be repaid by October 31, 2023.

The deadline for Mt. Gox’s creditors to register their information and their repayment methods has officially expired. The latest development brings the creditors, who have been stranded for nearly a decade, one step closer to getting their funds back from the defunct Japanese Bitcoin exchange.

According to a notice circulated by Nobuaki Kobayashi, the Trustee in charge of overseeing the repayments, creditors will no longer be able to alter their details or register for repayment, unless they receive explicit approval from the Rehabilitation Trustee.

Nearly 10,000 creditors from all over the world have registered for repayment over the past six months, filling out details such as preferred mode of repayment (fiat or crypto), crypto wallet address, bank details, and other necessary information to become eligible for the payout from Mt. Gox.

In the coming weeks, the Trustee will carry out the necessary formalities in preparation for the repayment. This will include confirmation of details submitted by Mt. Gox’s creditors, and coordinating with banks and crypto exchanges to process the funds before they’re sent out. In light of all the required preparation, the Trustee informed the creditors that initiating the repayment process may take some time.

The Rehabilitation Trustee added that base repayment, intermediate repayment, and early lump-sum repayment are expected to be processed and paid out by October 31, 2023. The specific timing of repayment to each rehabilitation creditor remains to be decided.

“Please also note that, in consideration of various circumstances, the above deadline might be extended with the permission of the Tokyo District Court, or a different deadline might be set for some of the repayments with the permission of the Tokyo District Court,” the notice read.

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