Report Reveals Vietnam Has Over 16.6M Crypto Holders; 31% BTC Holders

  • Games and metaverse projects account for 28.8% of blockchain projects in Vietnam.
  • Seven of the top 200 global blockchain companies are founded by Vietnamese founders.

The “Vietnam Crypto Market Report 2022,” disclosed that there are approximately 200 active blockchain projects in Vietnam as of present.

The report further reveals that Vietnam has over 16.6 million cryptocurrency holders, making it the second largest country in the ASEAN region after Thailand, with 31% of them holding Bitcoin. The primary focus of these active blockchain projects in Vietnam is on GameFi, DeFi, NFT, Web3, Infrastructure, and Crypto Wallet.

The report shows that games and metaverse projects account for 28.8% of the total blockchain projects in Vietnam. Additionally, 26.0% of the projects are DeFi-related, which include, Kyber Network, and Rikkei Finance, among others.

Moreover, NFT-related projects represent 12.4%, with examples such as Axie Infinity, Spores, DareNFT, and Titan Hunters. Infrastructure-focused projects account for 11.3%, with examples like TomoChain and SotaTek. Lastly, Web3 projects make up 5.1%, among others.

Out of the top 200 blockchain companies globally, seven of them are founded by Vietnamese entrepreneurs. These companies have a significant impact on the global market, with more than ten companies having a token market capitalization of over 100 million USD.

Among these companies, three projects had a token market capitalization aggregate of over 1 billion USD in the past. Moreover, as per, it is reported that on average Vietnamese spend 3.9 hours a day playing games, which is 10% higher than the US.

Additionally, Vietnam captures five positions in the top ten listicle of the largest game publishers in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (ANZSEA). Amanotes, OneSoft, GameJam, VNG, and Arrasol are companies that were ranked among the top largest game publishers

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