Robert Kiyosaki Believes That An Economic Tsunami Is Imminent

  • The popular investor has blamed the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve for the incoming crisis.
  • Kiyosaki believes that the next financial crisis will affect banks all over the world.

Popular investor Robert Kiyosaki has warned against a crisis looming over the financial markets. In a recent episode of The Rich Dad Channel, Kiyosaki revealed that an economic tsunami is incoming. This tsunami, which is symbolic of a new financial crisis, will hit investors in the United States and across the world.

Robert Kiyosaki’s comments came during an interview with fellow finance personality George Gammon. The Rich Dad Poor Dad author called attention to the actions of the United States Federal Reserve and its implications for banks and by extension, the broader financial markets.

Kiyosaki also highlighted the inversion of the yield curve and how it may translate into a recession. The three-month Treasury Bill in the US has been yielding more interest than the 10-year Treasury Note. Historically, such an inversion has been considered an indicator of an incoming recession. Robert Kiyosaki and Hammon likened the inversion to a tsunami warning system.

Following the Federal Open Market Committee’s Minutes last night, investors celebrated the Federal Reserve’s pivot. However, Kiyosaki cautioned against interpreting the pivot as a sign to invest in risky assets. The investor advised investors to maintain a large cash position with 10% in physical gold and short-term treasuries to avoid counterparty risk.

Speaking on the United States’s plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency, Robert Kiyosaki indicated that the CBDC path may not be in the best interest of privacy. “The big concern with the FedNow CBDC is that we lose our privacy, that they will track us, they will track our every move because they will know everything that we spend money on, what we spend it on. , who do we give it to, and all that,” he added.

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