Samsung, Crypto.Com to Offer Asset Trading Services on Galaxy Z Fold

  • The duo will introduce crypto asset trading on Galaxy Fold Z devices.
  • Galaxy Fold users will get the new crypto update soon.

Multinational electronics corporation Samsung has collaborated with cryptocurrency exchange With the partnership, the duo will provide crypto asset trading on Galaxy Fold Z devices. is releasing a set of new updates for Galaxy Z Fold mobile users that will include investment resources and tools for those interested in dabbling with crypto trading and getting acquainted.

Once the updates are made available, Galaxy Fold Z users will be able to view and compare the prices of various cryptocurrencies. The large screen will allow the users to understand the price fluctuations better and make clearer, quicker decisions.

According to the details in the official statement, the new feature is expected to enhance productivity and also provide enhanced analysis capabilities. is also the first exchange to provide such a feature for Galaxy Fold Z devices.

Eric Anziani, President and Chief Operating Officer of, stated:

Together, Samsung and have optimized the App for the large screen experience, taking advantage of the foldable form factor, to bring a more productive way of using the app for the trading and analysis of cryptocurrencies.

Samsung is a global technology company that has been actively exploring the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in recent years. In fact, Samsung has made several moves to integrate crypto-related features and services into its products and services, such as smartphones and digital wallets.

One example is the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, which is a built-in crypto wallet available on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones that allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies.

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