Shibarium Bone Token Dumps by 17% Amid Allegation of Copied Code

  • Shiba Inu Discord member claimed Shibarium took copied Rinia testnet genesis file.
  • The project’s leader stated that there was an attempt to discredit their effort.

Bone, the official token of the upcoming layer-two blockchain scaling solution, Shibarium, is experiencing a double-digit negative value in the last 24 hours amid drama about the codebase of the Shibarium blockchain.

Shibarium released a beta version of its much-anticipated network last week. However, the enthusiasm surrounding the debut halted on Thursday after Steve, a top community member of Shiba Inu‘s Discord channel, voiced some reservations.

Steve claimed the Shibarium beta testnet utilized the same Chain ID as an existing blockchain, Rinia, and that the multi-sig wallet was not run entirely by unique individuals. “It looks like Shibarium has taken Rinia testnet genesis file, changed the name, but forgot to change the chain ID,” the community member observed.

Additionally, Steve argued that using an existing ID was incompetent as the chain would not work correctly, “everyone trying to interact with it would instead interact with the other chain.”

The allegations have caused a heated discussion in the Shiba Inu Discord community. Some members claimed that Shibarium was a ripoff of Rinia and that ‘manipulation and silencing’ were happening within the project.

Nonetheless, some other community members argued differently. One Justinlme on the Discord channel wrote:

Forking and building upon already established software is the core foundation of free and open-source software. Even if some of the code was used in the beta does not mean all of it was. It’s doubtful that it’s a direct fork with nothing changed.

Similarly, Shytoshi Kusama, the project’s lead developer, responded to the allegations, stating that there was an attempt to discredit their effort.

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