— A Bridge Between Creators and Fans, Launched by Mariana Avila, a blockchain-based social app, enables content creators to create a loyal and active community of fans, helping them access more funding and engagement while the fans connect directly with their favorite creators and receive exclusive benefits and real-value rewards based on their engagement.

Content creation is increasingly skewing towards social networks across the globe, and Mexico has proven no different. The country has a dynamic, diverse, and attractive country in terms of digital content creation, and the latest move aims to boost’s presence in the region. Despite the growing presence of content creators on social sites, many creators are unable to keep the connection with their fans, especially when their follower count starts to increase. As such, fostering an authentic community grounded in common beliefs becomes progressively difficult, given the prevailing social media landscape hinders creators from connecting in a mutually beneficial manner.

“We know social media very well. Our first venture is a royalty-free music company for social media creators and there our tracks brought life and identity to millions of content, mainly on YouTube,” said Moris Alhale, CEO of during the launch. “After working with creators for years, we learned the difficulties creators face when trying to get access to funding to grow their channels and connect with their communities in a more personal way. So we decided to create to help them overcome that challenge.”

The launch of aims to solve this particular challenge, enabling fans and their favorite content creators to connect in an innovative way and create communities that offer real value to both the fan and the creator. The platform allows creators to raise funds and capital through various initiatives on the platform while boosting engagements. Flipping the board, fans are able to acquire ‘CreatorPasses’, which gives them access to exclusive channels of their favorite creators for three months. Additionally, loyal and active fans will receive rewards and benefits as they increase their engagement.

To liven up the launch, popular Mexican artist and the first Latin creator to join, Mariana Avila will run a live watch party on her exclusive Discord channel, this Thursday, May 4 at 3:00 pm (Central Mexico time). During the live watch party, Avila will celebrate the release of her new music video. The live party will be shown exclusively on and all subscribers can follow it live. Additionally, new subscribers will receive a special video message from the artist.

“ will allow me to watch the live premiere of my video ‘Tempura’ with my fans, as well as interact with them. But beyond this beautiful experience, the platform is all about empowering creators and giving us the tools to reward our most engaged fans. For me, the launch is the beginning of a great story and one of the most important stops on my artistic journey; I’m very flattered,” Mariana Avila said.

Following the launch of the ‘Tempura’ video, Mariana Avila’s fans will also get a CreatorPass, giving them access to the singer’s exclusive community where they will be rewarded for supporting her and giving them an opportunity to chat with the creator.

Apart from fan engagement, also aims to help connect Web 2.0 audiences to the growing Web 3.0 ecosystem via several features including building tools, NFTs and blockchain infrastructure with a seamless user experience that facilitates the purchase of digital collectibles.

Speaking on the growing ecosystem, Alhale said, “What we want is to offer creators a robust new monetization platform, which at the same time incentivizes and rewards fan engagement to foster loyal and highly active communities. Content creators who join this project that we are launching in Mexico, will eventually have the opportunity to fund their channels and projects while interacting with their most loyal followers uniquely. Our main objective is to empower creators and revolutionize the social media experience for millions.”

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