Something Big is Happening to Cardano, Says Dan Gambardello

  • The video is titled “Something Big is Happening.”
  • Gambardello talks about solid data that strengthens his bullish stance on Cardano.

Dan Gambardello, a crypto YouTuber and trader behind the channel, Crypto Capital Venture, recently dropped a video on Cardano, unveiling its untapped potential.

Gambardello speaks about a piece of data that backs up, solidifies, and reminds the fact of why he is bullish on Cardano. He also spoke about why he thinks a lot about the $10 ADA and believes realistically that a $15 ADA is possible.

Crypto Capital Venture’s founder also mentioned that Cardano is a better blockchain than Ethereum. He spoke about how he has been tracking Cardano throughout all of its major updates, including Shelly, Mary, Alonzo, and Vasil.

Gambardello stresses the fact that once all these technical aspects are in place, Cardano is going to grow. He also highlighted a tweet about ADA TVL hitting a new ATH based on ADA. He mentioned that ADA is a blue-chip cryptocurrency with a market cap of $12 billion.

The fact that Cardano TVL is approaching ATH during this time indicates a strong bullish point for ADA, according to Gambardello. He also analyzed the TVL of AVAX and ETH and concluded that they are not approaching their all-time high TVL.

Gamabrdello also highlighted that the data doesn’t lie. He also mentioned that the worst is over in terms of the bear market. He also believes that a $500 billion market cap for ADA is in play. At press time, ADA is trading at $0.3533, with a 2.28% drop in value over the last 24 hours.

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