SORA CARD Sign-Ups Now Live: SORA Enables The Fusion of TradFi and DeFi

  • The SORA Card will officially launch in coming days, date for which is yet to be announced.
  • SORA Card provides users with a variety of neobanking features such as IBAN and debit card, as well as integration with Polkaswap DEX and two self-custodial crypto wallets

The SORA community has announced that sign-ups for the SORA CARD will start on May 17, 2023, while the launch of the SORA CARD itself is scheduled for a later date. SORA CARD is an innovative neobanking solution that integrates a DEX and self-custodial crypto wallet. The solution aims to combine both traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) in a single application.

Users can anticipate a few things when they sign up for the SORA Card. Among these are virtual cards and physical cards. Additionally, after a few weeks of signing up, users can anticipate receiving their own IBAN.

SORA Card stands out from the centralized alternatives, offering a comprehensive suite of neobanking services prioritizing privacy and security. Users can access a European IBAN, SEPA transfers, FX, and a Mastercard-powered debit card, among other features.

The card’s unique integration with Polkaswap, a decentralized exchange, and two self-custodial wallets – the SORA Wallet and Fearless Wallet – ensures users have access to DeFi tools and self-custody over their crypto assets.

By bridging the gap between the traditional finance world and the rapidly growing crypto economy, SORA Card allows individuals to harness decentralized tools like trading, staking, farming, investing, and minting NFTs.

SORA Card was brought to life through the collaboration of the SORA community and SORA Biome in partnership with Mastercard, Paywings BV, a leading European fintech company, and SORAMITSU, a renowned fintech company with Japanese roots.

SORA CARD sign-ups will be live on May 17, 2023. For more information about SORA Card and its features, visit

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