Space and Time Launches Beta of Data Warehouse and Developer Suite

  • During the conference, Space and Time will showcase its data warehouse alongside AAA blockchain-based FPS Shrapnel.
  • Interested parties can participate in the Space and Time data by signing up to a link.

Space and Time, a leader in decentralized data, announced the beta release of its data warehouse and developer suite. Additionally, Space and Time announced a number of events that will take place during the 2023 Consensus Conference from April 26–28.

Space and Time Co-founder and CEO Nate Holiday shared his excitement about opening its data warehouse and a suite of data services to developers everywhere.

Space and Time is enabling a new era of data verifiability. As smart contracts and AI are increasingly integrated into business processes, Space and Time aims to ensure that they’re connected to and trained on verifiable data and computation.

During the Consensus Conference, Space and Time has several events planned in collaboration with other companies. These include Space and Time Product Day on Wednesday, April 26, presented by Hashkey Capital, followed by an open Space and Time Ecosystem Night presented by Chainlink.

Space and Time will notably showcase its newly launched data warehouse alongside a live demo of the anticipated blockchain-enabled AAA First-Person Shooter game Shrapnel. Conference attendees can play the Shrapnel demo while Space and Time generates live analytic insights around its gameplay.

Shrapnel CEO Mark Long expressed that Web3 analytics will be critical to the success of blockchain games. “Space and Time has the best service available,” claims Long.

Just like any Web2 free-to-play game, real-time analytics are how you improve the player experience. You need lightning-fast execution of data from on-chain transactions to in-game activity to leaderboards and more. And players want to know that all the data is accurate and verifiable. Space and Time is just the perfect complement to Shrapnel’s own blockchain and live-ops tech.

Interested parties can participate in the Space and Time beta by signing up through this link:

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