STRMNFT Battle Royale Offers Opportunity to Win Coveted SHIBOSHIS 

  • THE SHIBOSHIS #5803 has become the grand prize for StreamCoin’s STRMNFT Battle Royale.
  • The STRMNFT Battle Royale will commence on March 2 and award the victor who has the highest number of entry tickets.

During this past week, SHIB has become one of the most trending cryptos. SHIBOSHIS, the collection of Shiba Inu generated NFTs, is considered to be a significant reason for SHIB’s boom in popularity. One such Shiba Inu NFT, THE SHIBOSHIS #5803, has become the grand prize for the STRMNFT Battle Royale, a 7-day tournament starting from March 2. THE SHIBOSHIS #5803 is a blue-chip NFT that will be given to the victor of this tournament.

The spokesperson of STRMNFT, an NFT marketplace where users can mint and trade their digital art, mentioned that the tournament will comprise 1,000 entry tickets, each costing 50 STRM ($0.5 approx). These entry tickets will be minted on the STRMNFT marketplace. Participants are encouraged to buy as many tickets as possible during the week-long contest. The user who has the highest number of tickets on the last day of the event will be the champion.

Elaborating on STRMNFT Battle Royale, a representative for the event was quoted saying:

All NFT communities are welcome to participate. Even if users believe they can’t win, they can still enter the event by collecting and selling tickets to other bidders who are still competing to win. If users have unsold tickets after the event, reimbursements will be issued for them.

For the non-winners, STRMNFT has promised to reimburse the STRMNFT Battle Royale tickets. The representative of the STRMNFT marketplace highlighted that the reimbursements will be calculated based on the entry ticket’s listing price, which is 50 STRM.

Interested NFT enthusiasts can easily participate in this tournament by signing up on STRMNFT and heading to The SHIBOSHIS #5803 Battle collection, where they can purchase entry tickets when the event commences. The STRMNFT Battle Royale ends on March 8.

At the time of writing, SHIB is placed in the second position, just below FLOKI, as the most trending cryptos on CoinMarketCap. It is currently priced at $0.00001311, with a fall of 2.11% in one day. However, SHIB also experienced a 14.85% surge in 30 days. Based on the trending list, it is evident that meme coins are rising in popularity, once again taking center stage in the crypto space.

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