Successor of DeHero, DeHeroGame in For Another Triumphant Round

  • $AMG token, which is the governance token of DeHeroGame, is to be listed on MEXC Global on February 23.
  • Partnership with UniPass has helped DeHeroGame secure numerous benefits.

DeHeroGame (DHG) announced the launch of its new iteration of DeHero, a GameFi application deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). DeHeroGame pioneers GameFi 2.0 through NFT adventures in a multi-universe. It pivots on Trading Card Game playability and is the latest iteration of the “Staking Card Game”.

Moreover, DHG is the first gaming application on Rangers Mainnet which supports ultimate decentralization, thrilling gaming experience, asset cross-chain, super low gas fee, and Web2-friendly solutions.

As part of its improved accessibility for Web2 & Web3 gamers, both $MIX & $RPG will have extensive utility within the game. While $MIX connects to MixMarvel, the Web3 game incubator, and the many gaming projects that come after it, $RPG is backed by Rangers Protocol, an advanced Web3 Engine infrastructure that provides comprehensive technical support for diverse Dapps and games. Both $MIX and $RPG are highly approachable — particularly for DeHeroGame players.

Furthermore, the $AMG token, which is the governance token of DeHeroGame, is to be listed on MEXC Global on February 23. The token has a total supply of 100,000,000. According to MixMarvel, $AMG demonstrated value growth by representing the glory and governing power among the game community.

$AMG could be used for in-game NFT progression, monthly membership subscriptions, special event vouchers, voting, and more. However, $AMG will not only be available on popular exchanges but be rewarded to advanced and loyal DeHeroGame players as well. Furthermore, the token could be used to decide the revenue distribution of the game, and even determine the development of the game worldline.

DeHeroGame has plans of integrating with a popular on/off ramp solution payment system. By making use of its fiat on-off ramp solution, DeHeroGame aims to make it possible for users to purchase cryptocurrencies, and thereby further every in-game item, directly with preferred fiat payment methods.

UniPass, which is a smart contract wallet solution that can allow DeHeroGame Web2-entry players to sign in with an email address, and generate a non-custodial wallet effortlessly — which can be used to create a secure, convenient, low-cost wallet experience for the users.

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