AI Tech Firm Invents Bot that Analyzes and Predicts Crypto Movement

  • This AI-powered tech will provide analyses and predictions for any token address.
  • INSAI also released v1.0, which forecasts cryptos price movement in CoinMarketCap.

As AI technology makes a mark in the world with its revolutionary technology, many organizations seek innovative solutions that could benefit future generations. One such organization is INSAI.

INSAI is a team of developers and engineers that has created a machine learning-based algorithm which can accurately analyze a range of parameters to predict the price of cryptocurrencies. The company has just announced its plans to introduce a new bot by merging two new techs, AI and blockchain. The team discloses that INSAI is in the final stages of testing to launch v2, a Telegram bot.

The AI-powered Telegram bot is designed to provide analyses and predictions for any token address on the blockchain. Recently, the company released its first utility, v1.0, which provides the forecast for cryptos in CoinMarketCap.

Addressing INSAI’s entrance into the market, the team points out that the project’s success in the market is evidenced by the launch of its native token, INSAI. The company’s native token witnessed a market cap of over $400,000 on its first day.

“INSAI is making waves with its cutting-edge predictive AI technology,” says a team representative. “The team of talented developers and engineers behind INSAI has created a machine learning-based algorithm that can accurately analyze a range of parameters to predict the price of cryptocurrencies.”

The team also believes that the INSAI beta will provide reliable and accurate predictions on cryptos for traders. This indicates that INSAI is focused on delivering crypto traders and investors with data-driven insights to make investment decisions.

Furthermore, INSAI aims to contribute to blockchain’s mission for global adoption through market analysis. They also expect to reduce market volatility and improve stability for more accurate price forecasting, thus, improving access to blockchain trading opportunities.

Some AI cryptos observed a double-digit and triple-digit surge at the beginning of this month denoting the sudden interest in AI tech. Market analysts believe that this surge was because of ChatGPT’s sudden craze. Many experts foretell the mass consumption of many revolutionary techs such as AI and blockchain in the future.

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