The FTX Celebrity Has Been Running Away for Months; Says Law Firm

  • The team has been waiting in front of his studios for the past week, but the guards blocked them from meeting him.
  • They requested him to receive their legal complaint claiming that he is the only FTX celebrity yet to be served.

The Moskowitz Law Firm, the legal platform advocating the individuals and investors who have been victimized by the FTX debacle, shared a Twitter post today as a public plea to the basketball player and NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, requesting him to consider them to deliver their legal complaint regarding his previous endorsement of FTX.

Earlier, it was revealed in a court filing that though Shaquille O’Neal has “sufficient knowledge” about the allegations against him, he has been ignoring the authority’s attempts to “serve” him.

The court filing stated that O’Neal is the only FTX celebrity who has not been served yet, adding:

Mr. O’Neal is the sole remaining defendant in this matter who has still not been served. Despite Plaintiffs’ dozens of attempts in multiple states and countries, to either effect service on him or have him (or a designated agent) accept service of process.

On April 14, the Moskowitz Law Firm on Twitter, representing “thousands of victims who lost their savings in the massive FTX fraud”, pleaded with the NBA star to show “courtesy and honor” by letting them submit their legal complaint:

Notably, the team added that they have been waiting outside his studios in Atlanta for the past week. However, the security guards blocked them from getting in or meeting Shaq; their several attempts to deliver the legal complaint became futile.

Significantly, the Twitter thread shed light on the fact that the celebrity has been running away from the firm for the past three months. It was also revealed that all other FTX celebrities Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Larry David have agreed to receive the complaints.

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