The Oracle’s Verse Launches as World’s First Collaborative Crypto-Novel

  • The Oracle’s Verse, a project of The Quest of Evolution, consists of 6 unique 1/1 multimedia NFTs.
  • Contributors to the project receive perpetual royalty payouts in MATIC and QEV tokens.

A new era of literature has dawned with the launch of The Oracle’s Verse, the world’s first-ever collaborative “crypto-novel” by the decentralized artist collective, The Quest of Evolution. The project, which comprises six unique 1/1 multimedia NFTs, is available for purchase on the OpenSea platform.

The Oracle’s Verse is a revolutionary work of literature that allows owners to write their own stories on-chain and pass the baton to the next owner while earning passive income. The novel follows the lives of six characters who journey through the minds of their owners, gathering unique memories that evolve their stories through a multisensory art piece.

By purchasing a dynamic NFT, buyers inherit the corresponding character and underlying assets such as music, image, and text. They are then granted the right to append up to 200 words to the storyline directly onto its smart contract, which lasts forever.

As such, each new owner of The Oracle’s Verse NFT is entitled to continue the storyline in their own way, creating an ever-expanding narrative that is permanently written on-chain. Furthermore, contributors to the project will receive perpetual royalty payouts in MATIC and 200 QEV tokens.

The Quest of Evolution, the brains behind The Oracle’s Verse, plans to release an additional series of crypto narratives following this groundbreaking project. The next project in the pipeline begins with a series of scientific essays by T. Dylan Daniel, founder of PageDAO, followed by a collaborative crime fiction novel with writer Joseph Nassise and musician Zep.

The Quest of Evolution is a decentralized collaborative framework that seeks to empower artists by creating value together and supporting social causes. They hope to become a community-driven platform where owning QEV tokens equates to owning a portion of the intellectual property (IP) rights.

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