AI Token on the Rise; ChatGPT Team Shares Crucial Insights

  • AI tokens are gaining popularity and several tokens are performing exceedingly well.
  • Top performers include The Graph (GRT), SingularityNET (AGIX), and Oasis Network (ROSE).

Arif Khan, CEO and founder of Alethea AI, the company behind the wildly popular ChatGPT, believes democratization of core skills will occur through language models such as ChatGPT. Khan was sharing his insights on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and language programming on crypto journalist Laura Shin’s Unchained podcast.

“With ChatGPT or other language models, the line between a creator and a developer is going to blur,” the machine learning expert says during the interview. Elaborating on his point, Khan explains:

“Because, if you can ask AI to code programs up really quick with front-end user interfaces, with complex python code and logic, you don’t necessarily need to be a full-on coder. It’s going to make maybe two effects: it’s going to make the advanced coder even more advanced. But it will bridge the gap for creators.”

ChatGPT has been making waves, not just in the content creation sphere but in crypto as well. With the surge of artificial intelligence and the popularization of natural language processing (NLP) tools such as ChatGPT, a considerable shift has been observed among crypto tokens.

AI tokens, being the next big thing, even have their own categorization on price-tracking websites such as  CoinMarketCap. Most of these tokens are performing surprisingly well, considering their relative newness.

Top among the AI token performers are The Graph (GRT), SingularityNET (AGIX), Oasis Network (ROSE), and (FET). Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Exec RLC (RLC), Numeraire (NMR), Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), dKargo (DKA),  Covalent (CQT), and Phala Network (PHA) are other major players in the AI token space.

However, there are investors calling AI tokens, and the massive interest in them, yet another bubble waiting to burst. “People are just riding the ChatGPT wave,” argues Wilfred Daye, the former CEO of digital asset management firm Securitize Capital. “The phenomenon can last as long as the sentiment is around.” Nonetheless, it remains to be seen what the future of this intriguing development will be.

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