Traders Sell ETH and BTC at Loss, Will the Coins Bottom be Revealed

  • BTC is priced at $23,441.23 with a surge of 1.08% in just 24 hours, at reporting time.
  • Indicators give out a sign of consolidation for BTC.

Investigating the transaction volume, Santiment, a market intelligence platform, has noticed that BTC and ETH traders are selling at a loss instead of profits this week.  The market intelligence platform also points out that this is the first time it’s happened since the beginning of the new year.

Santiment further commented that when the traders exit their position at a loss, new bottoms are likely to form. When looking at Santiment’s chart, it seems that BTC might form support at 19K based on the BTC Ration of daily on-chain transaction volume in profit and loss.

Source: Santiment

BTC is priced at $23,441.23 with a surge of 1.08% in just 24 hours, at the time of writing. However, the leader of cryptos faced a downfall of 4.42% in seven days. When we look at the chart, it looks like BTC had a tough weekend.

BTC/USDT Source: Trading View

BTC is being squeezed between the 50 and 200 EMA as the gaps get closer. Moreover, the 200 EMA is also floating above the Support 2 region under the radar of BTC. Since BTC is between 50 EMA and 200 EMA it gives a sign of consolidation and traders must be cautious while trading. However, looking at one indicator it is hard to adjudicate the market’s fate.

BTC/USDT Source: Trading View

Furthermore, the RSI (Relative Strength Index) is valued at 45.7, which could be considered neutral territory. RSI’s movements point downwards which could indicate the start of its journey into the oversold region. If the RSI moves into the oversold territory, it would be considered an excellent time to buy, however, it could shift and move into an overbought region also. However, the Coppock Curve is valued at 78 which suggests that BTC could face a long-term uptrend.

If traders continue to sell BTC at a loss, then, Santiment’s analysis could be correct, thus, forming support around the 19K region. However, currently, traders must be cautious and wait a bit more before finalizing the BTC’s unpredictable movements.

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