Twitter CEO Elon Musk Claims AI Figured Out His Coded Tweet

  • The now-deleted tweet that was allegedly encrypted, read, “AI APT OTT!”.
  • Musk is reported to embark on an AI project on Twitter, having purchased 10.000 GPUs.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk claims to have deleted a recent tweet because Artificial Intelligence (AI) decoded it. The now-deleted tweet, allegedly encrypted, read, “AI APT OTT!”.

Musk claimed so in response to a Twitter user who questioned his action in a recent tweet. In the tweet, Musk said he would do an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) for subscribers once every few weeks. The respondent applauded Musk’s latest decision and used the opportunity to probe his recent action.

Although Musk claimed AI decoded the deleted tweet, one of his followers replied with evidence from an older tweet, where he explained the meaning of Musk’s mystery tweet. In his reply, he told Musk that he figured out the code and deciphered the cryptic message.

The user interpreted a part of Musk’s mystery tweet to imply that AI represents an advanced, persistent threat. He also asked other respondents to share what they thought Musk was trying to say in the tweet.

The tech community has allegedly reputed Musk for speaking in parables and maintaining an air of sarcasm when communicating on social platforms. Therefore, by responding that the AI figured out his original tweet, he leaves users wondering if that was the case or if he is taking another swipe at the emerging technology. A segment of the community also suspects this to be one of his awareness stunts, considering his recent efforts toward creating an AI project for Twitter.

Musk has reportedly embarked on a new AI project on Twitter, having purchased 10.000 GPUs. According to reports, Musk’s AI project will train a large language model (LLM) that could update Twitter’s search or ads serving tools.

Shortly before this move, the Twitter CEO had called for a pause in AI development. He signed an open letter asking for the suspension of AI training, citing potential dangers with artificial intelligence as his reason.

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