Twitter Launches Monetization For Content Creators In Recent Announcement

  • Twitter’s “Subscriptions” feature lets users charge followers for exclusive content not publicly available.
  • Twitter partnered with Stripe to pay creators, with revenue share starting at $50 in earnings.

Elon Musk has recently revealed yet another innovative initiative aimed at boosting Twitter’s profitability and supporting citizen journalism. As part of this development, content creators can now earn money from their contributions to the popular social media platform.

In the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the company has implemented various drastic measures to transform its operations into a profitable enterprise. These measures include significant staff layoffs and the introduction of Twitter Blue subscription services.

Despite resistance from some previously verified individuals, who were reluctant to pay a monthly fee for the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter, Musk recognized it as a crucial revenue source for the company.

The most recent overhaul of Twitter, which focuses on user-centered improvements, aims to enhance follower engagement and create fresh revenue streams on the platform by enabling users worldwide to monetize all types of posts.

With the “Subscriptions” function, Twitter users have the ability to charge their followers a monthly fee, choosing from one of the price points set by Twitter. Once payment is received, subscribers gain access to the creator’s exclusive content, which is not visible to the general public.

Moreover, Twitter has collaborated with payments processor Stripe to compensate creators on the platform. The revenue share begins once the creator has earned at least $50, with a split of 97% for earnings up to $50,000, and 80% thereafter.

The subscription services are non-refundable and users must unsubscribe manually to avoid auto-monthly payments to inactive accounts. Twitter has partnered with Stripe to process payments for creators. Members of Crypto Twitter have expressed support for the introduction of this feature.

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