Unification Builds ‘Revolutionary’ New Shibarium POS Chain

  • The new SHIB wallet allows quick and inexpensive transactions, and investors’ funds are secure.
  • A dedicated SHIB wallet is a significant milestone that boosts the adoption of the token.

Unification’s operator Ringoshi Toitsu tweeted that Unification has created a groundbreaking technology called the ‘Shibarium POS Chain’, designed specifically for $SHIB, which is detailed in the Shibarium documentation.

The tweet highlighted that this revolutionary advancement provides a smooth wallet application, enables asset transfers in both directions between L1 and L2, allows for staking and delegation, and seamlessly integrates with Shibaswap.

This game-changing innovation offers a seamless wallet app, two-way asset transfers between L1 & L2, staking/delegating, & #Shibaswap integration.

According to experts, the aim is to develop a tool that can improve the current Proof of Stake (PoS) system of the Shibarium blockchain. The team has announced the release of a new SHIB wallet, which will allow users to carry out multiple transactions quickly and inexpensively. Additionally, investors can rest assured that their funds are secure as the PoS Chain will include contributions from validators and the Plasma Bridge.

Moreover, the team emphasized that the SHIB wallet would play a pivotal role as a primary tool for the proof-of-stake chain. They also highlighted that this new development would serve as a platform where investors can delegate and stake their holdings. The team has already started working on integrating ShibaSwap support into the system.

The Unification Foundation’s decision to introduce a dedicated wallet for Shiba Inu marks a significant milestone for the token. With the wallet, users will have a more secure and user-friendly method for managing their coins, which is expected to boost the adoption of SHIB.

At the time of writing, the value of the Shiba Inu coin is at $0.00001076, having experienced a modest increase of 1% over the past 24 hours. Looking at its 7-day price movement, the token appears to have traded mostly in the negative zone, with a -1.82% change. Nevertheless, the coin appears to be experiencing more activity, as evidenced by its 24-hour trading volume, which has surged to 6.18%.

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