Venom Foundation Partners With Kenyan Govt. To Establish Blockchain Hub

  • It will foster knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration in Africa’s blockchain space.
  • Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria says that he is excited about this partnership.

Venom Foundation, a global blockchain company, announced a partnership with the Government of Kenya to establish a blockchain hub in Africa. Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Investments, Trade & Industry of The Republic of Kenya Moses Kuria took to Twitter to announce this partnership.

In the post, Kuria said, “This partnership signifies Kenya’s stance towards next-gen technology, financial development, and will catalyze further innovations in various industries, benefitting people both nationally and globally.” Furthermore, the partnership will focus on the development of Web3 and blockchain technology applications.

Reportedly, the blockchain hub will act as a central platform for forging partnerships with innovative companies. It will help in fostering knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among key stakeholders in the blockchain space based in Africa.

Additionally, Venom also planned to supply crucial tools and resources to support African countries to establish a solid foundation for digital transformation. It would include areas where blockchain technology can make a significant impact such as supply chain management, land registry, voting systems, tokenizations of assets, and others.

The partnership aims to promote transparency, efficiency, and trust across various sectors throughout the continent by implementing these solutions. Christopher Louis Tsu, CTO for the Venom Foundation, commented that Africa is already rich in natural resources and human capital.

Suggesting the entry of next-generation blockchain technology to Africa, he adds:

It [blockchain technology] will empower the people and help not only Kenya but many other African nations to capitalize on their assets and participate in new global markets.

The Kenyan government also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. Kuria stated, “We are excited to work together with the Venom Foundation.”

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